Nadin, Germany

Finally, after 2 months working and living together, Nadin had to leave us. Let’s have a look what she can tell us about her time at SCAO.

My name is Nadin, I’m 35 years old and from Hamburg in Germany, where I work for an Insurance. 4 years ago I came together with my brother to Cambodia, to visit my friend Andr√©. Ever since both of us support SCAO. Now I have a Sabbatical and i wanted to use this time to go to Cambodia again and teach at SCAO. So I joined the volunteer community from the mid of January until the beginning of March. I really enjoyed my time and had a lot of fun: to teach the children (mainly Beginnerclasses), to get to know the other volunteers and to live with them in the beautiful new volunteerhouse with an awesome rooftop.

The children really impressed me. Even though they have to go to school and a lot of work to do at home, they still come voluntary and motivated to the SCAO school!

My time in Cambodia was so beautiful. I will never forget it. The children, the other volunteers, and the Khmer people in general, with their open minded and friendly behavior.

Thanks to everyone, it was a pleisure to meet you. Thanks for the kindness and the always happy smile on the faces. I will miss that so much!!

Now my journey continues via Kanada and Kuba to South America. But I will come back for sure!