Janette, USA

Volunteering at S.C.A.O.

My husband and I visited Save Children in Asia in 2009. My daughter had volunteered at the center and she strongly advised us to stop by and visit the children. She told us it would be a life changing experience.

So taking her advice we set out to visit the day care center with a bag of rice and some toys for the children. After meeting Mr Sameth and the kids we walked away inspired and vowing to help in any way we can. We own an online marketing agency in Los Angeles, California and it proved to be the perfect vehicle to help promote SCAO. When traveling through Southeast Asia we noticed that Facebook seemed to be the communication tool of choice for young students traveling the world. With the help of a brand new website, a Facebook, Google+ and Twitter pages we started to promote Save Children in Asia to everyone we know, including our clients.

Today in 2012 we are still actively helping SCAO and we recommend that anyone traveling to Phnom Penh, Cambodia make volunteering at the center a priority. Visiting Mr Sameth and watching his devotion to the community, to the children and to education is a noteworthy experience.

Right now the center is going through a bit of a downtime. They urgently need volunteers to keep the center running effectively, so please, if you are visiting Phnom Penh, Cambodia in the near future, stop by Save Children in Asia for a month or even a few days. I can promise you, you will not regret this at all on the contrary, once you see the children it will be a life changing experience.